How to Get Useful Backlinks

To get your website visible on the Internet, you need to get useful backlinks. The number and quality of backlinks is one of the most important criteria that search engines use to rate the relevancy of a website. If you want to get and keep your website ranked highly in the search engine results, you must have high quality backlinks. Unlike the structure and content of your website, though, backlinks are not entirely within your control; backlinks come from other people’s sites, after all. But there are still ways you can get useful backlinks.

Wait for people to link to you

Before there were search engines, backlinks were the way to navigate around the Internet. Even today, backlinks are an indication the importance of a website within a field. The number and types of backlinks are of interest to people because they show how others regard a website.

Search engines use backlinks as a measure of a web page’s relevancy because if a page is useful and credible, people will naturally want to link to it (or so the thinking goes). But this is often not adequate. If your website content is high quality you should get a lot of backlinks, especially from other sites in the same field as yours, which are the most useful kind of backlinks. But it takes time for people to find and link to you site. Also, the number of links you probably get this way are not enough to raise your site in the search results. So you have to help it along.

Build your own backlinks

Another, faster way to get backlinks is to post content online with links to your website. Article directories, blogs, forums, message boards, and social bookmarking sites are good places to post content. By contributing to these sites, you are helping them by providing useful information, and in turn they help you by providing ways for you to get useful backlinks. 백링크

Generally search engines index forums so posting in forums and message boards is a relatively easy way to get backlinks, especially if the forum is respected in the field. However, you have to abide by the forum’s rules, and the forum administrator is free to edit or even exclude your post. Also, sometimes links are restricted in posts. Submitting content to respected online article directories takes longer to do, but is worth it as an additional way to get quality backlinks.

Online directories such as DMOZ and Yahoo also provide a way to get additional quality backlinks, and also to get attention to your website from both search engines and visitors. Getting listed in these directories is free, but can take several weeks to a couple of months.

Content exchange and affiliate programs offer another avenue. For instance, you can offer RSS feeds to sites for free. Through other sites’ RSS feeds, you get backlinks to your site, and can attract a lot of visitors with a well-thought-out headline and abstract.

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